# Markdown Editor v3.9.3+

Originally used simplemde-markdown-editor as the markdown editor, but this library has not been updated and maintained for a long time, and there is also the risk of xss. So after the v3.9.3+ version, use tui.editor as the new editor. All the next documents are Based on tui.editor it. More Content.

# Props

Name Type Default Description
value String " " This prop can change content of the editor. If you using v-model, don't use it.
options Object following defaultOptions Options of tui.editor. This is for initailize tui.editor.
height String '300px' This prop can control the height of the editor.
mode String 'markdown' This prop can change mode of the editor. (markdownor wysiwyg)
language String 'en_US' i18n
const defaultOptions = {
  minHeight: '200px',
  previewStyle: 'vertical',
  useCommandShortcut: true,
  useDefaultHTMLSanitizer: true,
  usageStatistics: false,
  hideModeSwitch: false,
  toolbarItems: [

# Methods

  • setValue
  • getValue
  • setHtml
  • getHtml

# Example

  <markdown-editor v-model="content" />
import MarkdownEditor from '@/components/MarkdownEditor'

export default {

  data() {
    return {
      content: '',

# Online Example