# Error Handling

# Page


Page-level error handling is handled uniformly by the vue-router. All pages that do not match the correct route will advance to the 404 page.

{ path: '*', redirect: '/404' }


One thing that needs special attention here is that the 404 page must be loaded last. If you put 404 in the constantRoutes , then the following page will be blocked to 404. See the problem for details addRoutes when you've got a wildcard route for 404s does not work


Permission control is done in @/permission.js. All users who do not have permission to access this route will be redirected to the 401 page.

# Request

All the requests in the project will go through the axios instance created in @/utils/request.js. code

You can use the service.interceptors.response, the response interceptor to harmonize different status codes according to your actual business or to perform error handling according to custom code. Such as:

  response => {
     * The code is non-20000 error-free
    const res = response.data
    if (res.code !== 20000) {
        message: res.data,
        type: 'error',
        duration: 5 * 1000

      // 50008: illegal token; 50012: other client logged in; 50014: Token expired;
      if (res.code === 50008 || res.code === 50012 || res.code === 50014) {
            confirmButtonText: '重新登录',
            cancelButtonText: '取消',
            type: 'warning'
        ).then(() => {
          store.dispatch('FedLogOut').then(() => {
            location.reload() // 为了重新实例化vue-router对象 避免bug
      return Promise.reject('error')
    } else {
      return response.data
  error => {
    console.log('err' + error) // for debug
      message: error.message,
      type: 'error',
      duration: 5 * 1000
    return Promise.reject(error)

Since all requests return a promise, you can also pass a catch error for each request, which allows for separate processing.

  .then(res => {})
  .catch(err => {

# Coding

This project also does code-level error handling. If you enable eslint, you will be prompted for errors when writing code. Such as:

Of course there are many errors that cannot be checked by eslint, vue also provides global error handling hookserrorHandler. The project also made a corresponding error collection. aaaa


Listening error: @/errorLog.js

Error display component: @/components/ErrorLog