# Environment Variables

vue-element-admin 4.0+ is built o vue-cli, so all environment variables are controlled based on vue-cli.

Official document

.env                # loaded in all cases
.env.[mode]         # only loaded in specified mode

An env file simply contains key=value pairs of environment variables:


note! ! !

Environment variables must start with VUE_APP_. Such as: VUE_APP_API, VUE_APP_TITLE

You can access them in your application code:


In addition to VUE_APP_* variables, there are also two special variables that will always be available in your app code:

  • NODE_ENV - this will be one of "development"、"production" or "test" depending on the mode the app is running in.
  • BASE_URL - this corresponds to the publicPath option in vue.config.js and is the base path your app is deployed at.

In addition to some environment variables written in .env, there are some build and deployment related variables that need to be configured in vue.config.js.

You can set the different parameters by executing the judgment environment with process.env.NODE_ENV.

Specific code can learn from vue.config.js